At Huntington Primary Academy, we receive and spend the annual government sports grant with our children, inclusion and sustainability in mind.

We buy into the specialist services of the Yorvik Sports Partnership, benefiting from the diversity of opportunity that is available from them and we participate in physical and mental health programmes, we learn from lifestyle and dietry expert’s advice; we also enter a range of inter-school sports tournaments, coaching and training programmes. We spend a generous proportion of the funding on necessary staffing to ensure we can sustain our incredibly successful ‘School Games’ offer for pupils– in 2023 we were awarded our ‘Platinum Games Mark’ for our commitment to opportunity and competition for all. We resource our playground with equipment to engage all pupils and encourage them to be active; we currently offer a range of pupil-led activities such as archery, table tennis, giant dominos, parachute games, Activate walls, skipping, colouring etc.

The Sports Premium is additional funding provided to primary schools in England to support and develop teaching of PE and school sport.

For more detail please see this page from the Department for Education (external website).