What does PE at Huntington Primary Academy look like for your child?

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 Our PE Curriculum:             

In order to ensure we can continue to deliver an inclusive, rich and progressive PE curriculum for all of our pupils at Huntington Primary Academy, we follow the REAL PE framework. The vision, we share, helps and supports EVERY child to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills we believe are achievable in PE, Sport and life.

 is fully aligned to the National Curriculum, Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique approach to teaching and learning in PE.

Huntington Primary Academy PE LTP

School Sports and Games:                                                                   

We are a Gold Award School and working towards Platinum!

School Games Mark 

Each year at Huntington Primary Academy we are able to provide a number of opportunities for our children to take part in competitive and non-competitive sports events. We are proud of our inclusiveness, direction towards community clubs and our competitive record.

Many of our local events are part of the York School Sports Network series of leagues and competition.

In 2021/22 children at Huntington Primary Academy competed in the following events:

Year 3/4 Boys Football: Two competitive and one non-competitive teams were entered. The Yellows won their league in the competitive and the Reds won their non-competitive league.

Year 3/4 Girls Football: One competitive and one non-competitive teams were entered. The Yellows won their competitive league. Reds won the non-competitive League.

Year 3/4 Dodgeball:  Two teams were entered into the competitive league and two were entered into the non-competitive league. One team won the competitive league the other came 3rd. One won the non-competitive league, the other came 4th.

Year 5/6 Boys football: two teams were entered into the competitive league: 1 in the non-competitive league. The pink team won their competitive League. The red came joint 1st in the non-competitive league.

Year 5/6 Boys Football: We won this inclusive tournament event for some of our less active pupils.

Year 5/6 Girls Football:  One in the competitive league and one in the non-competitive league. Both teams won their leagues.

Year 5/6 Girls Football: The girls’ A team (Yellows) won the league finals at York city training ground. They also won the tournament set up by York city at the start of the year. This then led to them going to the Premier Primary Stars Yorkshire Regional Finals and they came 1st in Yorkshire which led them to the National Finals in London at Watford’s Stadium, Vicarage Road.

Year 5/6 Dodgeball: We entered two teams in the competitive league and one in the non-competitive league. Our two teams in the competitive league came joint first and our team in the non-competitive league came joint 1st.

Year 1/2 Mixed-Fun Football Tournament:  Set up by Huntington and Yearsley. Huntington entered three teams and Yearsley entered three teams.

Year 5/6 Basketball Event:  set up by Huntington and Yearsley. Both schools entered two teams.

Virtual Tournaments during 2021/22:

Tri Golf


Cooper Run

Whole school squat challenge.

Outside of the YSSN we have also competed in several other local regional and national competitions, with notable success from our girls football team of Y3,5 and 6 pupils last year when they competed in the girls Premier Primary Stars Football tournament regional finals in Sheffield & Salford which led to them competing at the national finals at Vicarage Road in Watford.

Here the girls represented the North and were sponsored by York City Football club.

We have plans for many more virtual competitions for 2022/23 and have already committed to a range of events for pupils to compete in: these include cross country long distance running, indoor athletics events, football leagues and tournaments, multi sports events, dodgeball tournaments, York dance festival, rounders competitions etc.

 Enriching the activity we provide and promote at Huntington Primary Academy.

At Huntington Primary Academy we are committed to providing children with additional opportunities to take part in Physical Activity and Sport.  We are able to supplement our current P.E. curriculum with a range of different extra-curricular activities led by members of our school staff and volunteers.

We have also worked alongside our school ambassadors and all children when completing the Kobocca survey: our use of pupil voice has determined their interests and wishes for the future. Some of the clubs and activities the children suggested were table tennis, archery, boombox dance choreography etc. and we have used the PE premium to be able to resource and therefore sustain many of these activities for future years in school.

Active and inclusive break times

We are in the early stages of planning an extensive remodelling of our existing play provision at Huntington Primary Academy.

Our vision is to sustainably invest a significant sum of funding to develop a play offer which supports high levels of physical activity, engagement, inclusion and well-being during pupil down-time.

We have recently purchased equipment such as Activeall interactive activity boards, a table tennis table, a sensory play area, tchoukball nets and a Boombox: all chosen to have a significant and immediate impact for all pupils and encourage active movement/fun and well-being. Please see the extract detailing the evidence behind play and its importance for our children and young people below:

Play England.org:  Play for a Change.

Play is defined as ‘what children and young people do when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way, and for their own reasons.’ It is an essential part of every child’s life and is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. We aim to provide the following opportunities for our children’s development:

  • Increase their self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect.
  • Improve and maintain their physical and mental health.
  • Give them the opportunity to mix with other children.
  • Allow them to increase their confidence through developing new skills.
  • Promote their imagination, independence and creativity.
  • Offer opportunities for children of all abilities and backgrounds to play together.
  • Provide opportunities for developing social skills and learning.
  • Build resilience through risk taking and challenge, problem solving, and dealing with new and novel situations.
  • Provide opportunities to learn about their environment and the wider community.

Enrichment days/sessions during 2021/22:

Archery taster days.

Tri Golf taster days.

Guinness World Record Skipping Challenge.

Race for Life Challenge.

Year 6 transition day at Huntington Secondary School.

Comic relief activity day.

Real PE showcase sessions – Y1 and Y5.

Bikeability for Year 5 and 6 children.
Year 6 supplementary swimming activities.

School sports day.

Slip and slide PE.

Inflatable fun.

Year 3 play leaders afternoon.

Outdoor and adventurous residential visits: Y5 and Y6.

We aim to increase our enrichment offer to children and develop more opportunities for them to be introduced to a broad range of additional sports and activities to all children this year through a variety of experience days, led by coaches from local clubs.

These experience days, so far, have given our children experience of different sports and activities and provided a club link for them to pursue in the future outside of school. (See Parents-PE and Clubs links section of the website).

Outdoor and adventurous educational visits .

Robinwood – Year 6: 

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