Support for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Huntington Primary Academy is a school where every child is important. All staff work hard to ensure that all pupils are happy, safe and secure and that they make the best possible progress to achieve their full potential.

Some children may need additional support to help them achieve their best and to become confident and fulfilled individuals.

All pupils at Huntington Primary Academy receive consistently high quality teaching from their class teacher who will set appropriate personalised learning tasks and use a range of teaching styles and approaches to meet the needs of all pupils.

We may offer different forms of additional provision such as: group support in the classroom; individual or group interventions out of the classroom; access to modified or specific resources; and sometimes access to outside agencies.

This additional provision is overseen by the school’s SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator). Our SENDCo is Mrs Charlotte Brett.

Mrs Brett is responsible for monitoring the progress and provision of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and managing the day to day operation of some aspects of the provision including the timetabling of interventions led by our team of trained and experienced teaching assistants

The SENDCO advises other staff about policies, procedures and practice as well as working closely with parents and children. Mrs Brett also has regular contact with a range of external agencies who can give specialist advice.

If you would like to meet with Mrs Brett, please contact the school office to make an appointment, or if you would prefer to speak with Mrs Brett on the telephone, this can be easily arranged.

Please have a look at our Policy section for the SEND Policy and SEND Report.


SEND Policy

SEND Report

York SEND Local Offer


Ordinary Available Provision and Graduated Response

Most children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) will have their needs met effectively within the mainstream setting. Where a child or young person is identified as having SEND, schools will take action to remove barriers to learning and put effective provision in place. Schools’ professional judgement will dictate any reasonable adjustments that are made to meet need. These actions should be reviewed and refined through the cycle of Assess, Plan, Do, Review. We call this ‘The Graduated Response’.

The needs of the child or young person may change over time and provision should reflect this.

Where a child has complex, long term and significant needs with evidence to show that appropriate progress with SEND support, as outlined in our Graduated Response, has not been made, despite interventions and specialist advice, a statutory assessment may be requested.

The document linked below provides a set of minimum standards of all schools and teachers in every class for every child, known as Quality First Teaching, and any SEND provision which aims to complement Teacher Standards and the SEND Code of Practice across all our schools within Pathfinder.

SEND – Ordinary Available Provision and Graduated Response

13th June 2024