Our vision at Huntington Primary Academy is to work together to achieve success.

We use BEES to shape our curriculum and provision.

We want our pupils to share a sense of belonging to our school team and our community. We want our children to feel safe and visitors to feel welcomed. Through the curriculum we will explore our city, York, and the World in which we belong. We celebrate our families, their similarities and differences.

We want our pupils to embrace their individuality and celebrate their unique skills and personalities. We want them to embrace challenges and opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, with a sense of positivity. We want to embrace cultural experiences and explore the diversity of our communities and world.

Through our curriculum we want to encourage pupils to be creative and curious about the world around them. To develop their characters we want to encourage kindness, respect and resilience. We want to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour, their learning and their future.

Success will look different for each child, but we want all our pupils to succeed during their time at Huntington Primary Academy. We want them to succeed as individuals, as learners and as citizens. We believe in supporting personal, physical, emotional and social development, alongside academic aspiration, and strive to promote this throughout the whole curriculum and the enriching extra opportunities we offer.